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Historical Perspective

In 1946, the Town of Danville was an unincorporated area in Contra Costa County. In that year, real estate developer George H. Jovick purchased a portion of the former Macomber Ranch in Danville. It is located overlooking Danville on the Las Trampas ridge which is on the west side of the Town. It is immediately below the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. It was comprised of approximately 350 acres. In 1947, Mr. Jovick and his staff completed a plan to subdivide the entire area solely for the purpose of single family residential use. The size of the building sites were and remain to be no less than one and one-half acres of area and a width of not less than one hundred fifty feet each. Approximately in 1993, a number of lots of the property on the west border of the development were sold by an owner to the East Bay Regional Park District to be placed within its wilderness area. Those lots had been determined to be too steep and unsuitable for development by the MPOA board as well as by the Town of Danville.

As of 2008, there were 127 parcels in the development on some 3.3 miles of private roads, the principal outlet roads being Montair Drive, Macomber Road and Montcrest Place. Some ten tributary roads lead off of the principal outlet roads. The roads have been recorded since 1947 and continue as private roads with rights of way over private property for half of the road in front of each property. While the property under the paved road surfaces remain privately owned, the road right of way, including the paved portions of the road right of way and the drainage berms, ditches and culverts whether crossing a road or lying in the ditch under a driveway belongs to the road system.

A declaration of protective restrictions, covenants, easements and charges affecting the property (CC&Rs) was also filed and recorded with the County. These were recognized by the Town of Danville when it was incorporated. The CC&Rs provided for the formation of the Montair Property Owners Association (MPOA), an owner being defined as the records owner of a parcel with each individual parcel owner having one vote. It is a nonprofit incorporated association. Its responsibilities include maintenance of the roads and architectural review of new buildings, renovations and additions. Architectural responsibilities also include the review of drainage construction as well as exterior maintenance of all buildings and landscaping including view obstructions. In addition the association maintains a fire prevention committee and reviews other assorted common subjects affecting the owners of the parcels. The MPOA has five directors who are elected at the annual meeting the MPOA. An annual fee is assessed against each parcel owner for membership in the MPOA and an annual assessment by the MPOA is made against each parcel for the maintenance of the roads.

Water services are provided by the East Bay Municipal Utility District. Sewage services are maintained by the Central Costa County Sanitary District. The Town of Danville was incorporated in 1982 and consequently has its own town staff and police. The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District services the properties in the MPOA.